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Nowhere in your home is the crucial balance between form & function more necessary than in your bathroom. It is relatively easy to create a space that gets the job done, but it takes experience and a deft hand to design construct a bathroom that not only accomplishes what needs to be done, but does so with panache and an alluring style that will have visitors take notice.

Think your bathroom is missing a little something? Why not ask yourself the following questions:

Bathroom Fitter London

An answer of ‘yes’ to any of those questions means that you could use a change in your bathroom arrangements. Indiegogo Build proudly offer London & Surrey’s finest bathroom fitting solutions

Bathroom Fitting Made Exceptional

Bathroom design & construction have been a specialty of Indiegogo Build for over a decade. Whether it needs building from the ground up, or simply a re-imagining & re-design, there is nothing we love more than delivering to our clients a bathroom space that truly impresses. We are proficient in all of the areas you expect and need:

Our Design & Construction Goals: Accomplish your needs, achieve a style that reflects your individual taste, and deliver incredible value at a modest cost.

Bathroom Fitter Surrey

Premier Bathroom Fitting Services for London & Surrey Areas

Indiegogo Build offers top to bottom service for designing & building the bathroom you are looking for:


All it takes is a phone call to our offices or submission of our handy online form to get the ball rolling. You will be put in contact with one of our expert bathroom design consultants. Let us know your vision for the bathroom you want, and we will devise the solutions that achieve your goals.

Design & Space Planning

The core of good bathroom design is proper use of space to achieve an effortless compromise between form and function. Our bathroom design specialists intuitively understand this balance, and their most important job is to listen to your desires and needs, and accomplish them as uniquely and beautifully as possible. When you want a bathroom to 'Wow!' your visitors, call Indiegogo Build!

CAD Drawing & Mock-Ups

At Indiegogo Build, we have invested ourselves in the latest advances in technology to help you achieve your bathroom design goals. We use the latest computerized drafting & design technology to create a 3D-model of our work, allowing you to easily and efficiently review, change, compare & contrast your bathroom design. This saves both time & money by providing a platform to accurately review different solutions during the design process, with out incurring the expense of building.


Runaway budgets are the number one cause of concern and frustration for anyone planning a new bathroom – Indiegogo Build will ensure that you are not among these unfortunates! Because we specialize in bathroom fitting, we generate accurate quotes that reflect the reality of your bathroom project. We will let you know the time & expense up front, and save you the aggravation of ballooning expenses.


When it comes time to turn bathroom design into reality, Indiegogo Build is Londoners' top construction choice. Our builders & laborers have years of experience, and all the trade know-how to guarantee that your project is delivered on time and on budget. We want to get you into your new bathroom as quickly as possible!

Nothing adds to the beauty and value of your home like a bathroom that combines function with a flair for style. If you are planning a new bathroom from the ground up, or simply need an older bathroom updated and enlivened, Indiegogo Build can transform your design vision into a remarkable reality!

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