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Residential & Commercial Design for Surrey & London

After a decade of providing outstanding architectural design services for clients in Surrey and London, Indiegogo Build has earned its way to the top of the heap in the industry. Our name is synonymous with incredible talent, delivered at extremely competitive rates. As a design consultancy, we have helped thousands of clients create lasting beauty in their homes and businesses.

Whether you need professional design from the ground up, or simply restoration & refurbishment, we have the skilled designers who can turn dreams into concrete plans. Following are some of our most popular building services:

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Kitchen Design & Installation

Designing a kitchen that properly blends form & function requires talent and experience, and the Indiegogo Build design team is tops in the industry at doing just that. In just a few days, we can supply you with the plans for the kitchen of your dreams – beautiful, stylish, and able to perform culinary duties like a champion.

Bathroom Design & Installation

Bathrooms require careful design in order to squeeze the most from a relatively small space. Arrangement of toilet, bath, and sink is key to promote convenience and comfort, and proper planning begins with the Indiegogo Build design consultancy team providing you with a complete architectural design. It’s easy to get started.


Stately & timeless in their beauty, the addition of a conservatory can bring a graceful touch to any home. Conservatories are as functional as they are attractive, and modern styles allow for inclusion of a kitchen, pool, or play area, in addition to the traditional uses as a sunroom, study, or greenhouse. Our designers are familiar with the full range of styles, including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Lean-To, Contemporary, and more.

Loft & Basement Conversions

Consultation & planning give way to an architectural design, and in a matter of days you will have an solid idea of how to create extra living space in your home with a loft or basement conversion. An additional bedroom? Home office? Children's room or study? These are just a few of the possibilities that our designers can help you achieve.

Interior Design

A few small details can add immeasurably to the beauty and charm of your home. Paint, wallpaper, window treatments, furniture, and lighting all combine in a harmonious style. Let our interior design specialists help bring life to your home.

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Landscape Gardening

Planning & designing your landscaping also requires a skilled hand and attention to detail. Ensuring your house looks sharp on the outside provides a frame for the rest of your home, and our landscape designers can help place the beauty of nature firmly on your side.

In addition to providing architectural design plans & design consulting, we offer a full range of home remodeling construction services and support functions, including:

We have proudly been the home remodeling contractor of choice for home improvements in Surrey & London for over a decade!

Our Design & Construction Goals: Accomplish your needs, achieve a style that reflects your individual taste, and deliver incredible value at a modest cost.

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