Indiegogo Build Conservatory Installation

Nothing brings elegance and sophistication to a home quite like a well-done conservatory. These areas blend aspects of indoor spaces with the outdoors, often functioning as transitional rooms, and provide for a wide variety of typically recreational functions: sunroom, greenhouse, enclosed veranda, and much more. The addition of a conservatory is also a guaranteed way of adding value to your home.

Conservatory installation is just another service brought to you by Indiegogo Build, for home improvement in Surrey & London.

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Versatile & Enduring Conservatory Styles from Indiegogo Build

Conservatories come in a number of different styles. If you have a style fixed in your mind, we are happen to make it a reality. Otherwise, the Indiegogo Build design team will review the various styles with you during consultation, and make recommendations based upon your needs, preferences, and the style of your home:

Edwardian Conservatories

An enduring, traditional style, the Edwardian Conservatory is marked by strong, bold lines rendered with a Baroque influence. This design allows the maximum use of available space, and is a popular choice for those with a limited area or fixed budget.

Victorian Conservatories

A stunning design characterized by Gothic influences and graceful embellishments, a Victorian Conservatory is instantly recognizable for its stately charm. These conservatories are unique and distinctive, and this style is typically matched with a period home.

Georgian Conservatories

The Georgian Conservatory borrows stylistic influences from classical Greek architecture, and accordingly adds time-honored sophistication and class to any home. This design strikes a careful balance between form and function, and matches particularly well with period homes.

Farmhouse Conservatories

The Farmhouse Conservatory is designed in a rustic style most appropriate for rural homes, country manors, and farmhouses. Functional design is prized over elaborate embellishments, allowing this style to typically blend well with both period and modern homes.

Lean-To Conservatories

A versatile style that pairs equally well with period and modern homes, Lean-To Conservatories are handsome and functional, a popular choice for homeowners as an entry-level home improvement option.

Cloister Conservatories

Traditionally used to link separate spaces – garage, garden, or guest house-to-home – a Cloister Conservatory can encompass a broad range of styles: simple, decorative, elaborate, or functional. A Cloister Conservatory is often the most cost-effective solution to add value to a home.

Contemporary Conservatories

This design of conservatory is usually marked by a modern architectural style and/or non-traditional function or construction. Popular uses for a Contemporary Conservatory are as a kitchen, workout room, or pool enclosure, among many other functions. This is a rather broad category, and our design specialists will be most helpful in assisting you in selecting from the numerous different types available.

Indiegogo Build – Elegant Conservatory Installation for London & Surrey

The stately sophistication of a conservatory adds both class and value to any home, and the Indiegogo Build design team has over a decade of experience in bringing conservatories and exceptional building services to Surrey and the Greater London area. Give a call or fill out our convenient online submission form to get started with a consultation for your conservatory installation.

Our Design & Construction Goals: Accomplish your needs, achieve a style that reflects your individual taste, and deliver incredible value at a modest cost.