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Remarkable Bespoke Interior Design & Home Remodeling Craftsmanship

It is an unfortunate truth: too many homes have their innate beauty obscured by poorly planned interior design. Even the most lavish villa can look frightful if the interior design elements fail to achieve goals of attractiveness, comfort, and satisfaction. At Indiegogo Build, the goal of our All-Star interior design team is to make certain that disasters of this nature do not befall you!.

Our efforts include the full range of interior design services: decorating, furniture, window treatments, lighting, and more. When selecting components, we consider all of the appropriate characteristics: form, function, style, materials & colors, and the relationship of individual parts to the entire design scheme. The result is a harmonious and unified theme, carried out with stylish flair, and able to cradle yourself and your guests in lasting comfort.

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Best news of all? Our preeminent skills come alongside the industry's most competitive rates – our specialty is achieving your design goals for a budget that won't break the bank! If you need interior design or home improvement services in Surrey or the London area, Indiegogo Build stands ready to answer the call!

Home Improvement & Interior Design Services

At Indiegogo Build, we have had the fortune to assemble some of the best painters & decorators in London, all combined into one exceptional team. Our craftsmen can transform your walls into framing surfaces that transform the rooms of your home into works of art: accent walls, glazes, marbling & graining effects, special wallpapers with unique textures and attractive patterns, along with a host of additional options.


Proper furniture must blend form and function in equal measure – pieces that look beautiful but are uncomfortable or awkward will not do in most homes. The opposite – unsightly furniture – is simply unacceptable. Indiegogo Build interior designers can design and help you select furniture that achieves perfection on multiple levels... the perfect match for your individual style, the perfect fit for comfort & satisfaction, the perfect complement to your home, the perfect pieces that will garner you kudos and admiration from your guests.

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Curtains, Blinds & Window Treatments

Window treatments must also appeal simultaneously to notions of both style and utility. They must allow ample light to reach the interior of your home, and accent both the interior and the exterior styles. Whether it is the timeless charm of fashionable curtains, or the clean lines and convenience of blinds, Indiegogo Build can ensure your window treatments meet both your desires and your requirements.


Proper lighting is required for your interior design scheme to truly shine. Beyond that, lighting can itself be a focal point for style. Our aim is to achieve both goals for our clients, lighting that is beautiful, unique and noteworthy, and that simultaneously accomplishes the requirements of showing off the additional design elements.

Call us today (or fill out our convenient online form) for a consultation. Indiegogo Build has interior design teams standing ready: painters & decorators for Surrey, London and all places in-between!

Our Design & Construction Goals: Accomplish your needs, achieve a style that reflects your individual taste, and deliver incredible value at a modest cost.