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Plumbing and Heating London

At Indiegogo Build, we have spent the past decade compiling an enviable record as the plumbing & heating building services contractor of choice for Surrey & London. Whether you need kitchen & bathroom refurbishment, water line service, furnace installation, air conditioning, or anything else plumbing or heating related, we stand ready to save the day!

Our reputation for incredible service and outstanding prices has placed Indiegogo Build atop our industry, and every day we help clients successfully manage their plumbing & heating needs. We promise accurate quotes that do not balloon into ‘Gotcha!’ billing statements and lengthy overruns. And we promise complete service for the job at hand, including clean-up and hauling of replaced equipment.

Plumbing & heating are just two more of our specialties at Indiegogo Build. If you have a home improvement project in Surrey or the London area, we'd love to hear from you – simply call our office, or fill out our convenient online form for a consultation. It’s that easy to get started!


When it comes to plumbing, results are all that matter. You need timely service, and a company that gets the job done right the first time, with the minimum disruption to your life. You also need a company with the skill and experience to recommend the proper equipment and design solutions for your individual plumbing needs.

Indiegogo Build offers installation, replacement & refurbishment for all of your residential & commercial plumbing needs, including bathroom & kitchen fitting:

Plumbing and Heating Surrey

Heating & Cooling

Comfort and livability for homes and businesses require proper climate control and air quality management, and Indiegogo Build has been keeping people warm (or cooling them off) for years. We can also help alleviate problem air (dust, persistent odors, moisture, and more) and our technicians and installers have the experience to diagnose solutions for any building's climate needs.

Indiegogo Build provides its clients with all the heating & cooling services you would expect, including design, installation, & refurbishment for both residential & commercial buildings.

• Do you require more extensive building services in Surrey or the London area? Plumbing & heating are just a portion of what we do at Indiegogo Build. Please explore the rest of our website to discover the full range of design & construction projects that we can provide:

• Our Design & Construction Goals: Accomplish your needs, achieve a style that reflects your individual taste, and deliver incredible value at a modest cost.