Indiegogo Build Home Improvements

Providing Building Services for Surrey & London Homeowners

Indiegogo Build has spent the last decade earning a reputation as one of the finest providers of home improvement services in Surrey and the Greater London area. Whether you are looking to make your home more beautiful & livable because you intend to stay for many years to come, or you would like to increase value ahead of a sale, we can help you with all elements of design & construction. Here is a brief sampling of some of our most popular building services:

Kitchen Design & Installation

No room contributes to turning a house into a home more than your kitchen. It is the center of domestic activity, warm & vital. In order for you to enjoy the highest level of satisfaction, your kitchen must combine a notably fashionable aesthetic with rock-solid performance as a functional workspace. Kitchen Design London Anything short of achieving those twin goals means that you should be looking for ways to improve & refurbish your kitchen.

Indiegogo Build is the premier kitchen fitter in London! We have over a decade of experience in designing & constructing outstanding kitchens – contact us for a consultation!

Bathroom Design & Installation

Your bathroom's first order of duty is getting the jobs of cleanliness & freshening accomplished, but appearance is also very important – your bathroom will be a focal point of activity for guests, and it is often the room they will use to judge the rest of your home. What does your bathroom say about your home?

If it is time for your bathroom to be sending a different message, Indiegogo Build can create a space for you that is both functional and stylish. We are the finest bathroom fitter in Surrey & London!


A conservatory instantly transforms your home into a residence that embraces style, dignity, and a timeless sense of luxury. Conservatories are no longer for the very wealthy, or simply for period homes – we have a number of different styles that match well with contemporary homes, and the expense for these additions is shockingly modest. Traditional beauty at competitive prices? That's Indiegogo Build!

Loft & Basement Conversions

If your home is feeling a little cramped, you probably already have plenty of additional room available without need for an expansion. Many homes have attics or basements that are simply wasted space... Indiegogo Build can transform that space into an extra bedroom, home office, study, or any other of a number of functional rooms. Our loft & basement conversions can give you the extra breathing room you need, without the hassle of a full addition to your home.

Interior Design

Your home can only look as good as the effort you put into the details... that is where proper interior design comes into play!

We can take an older home and completely update it simply by redesigning the details – paint, wallpaper, window treatments, furniture, lighting and more.

Indiegogo Build will ensure that all of these details and accents conspire to make your home a true beauty to behold.

Kitchen Design Surrey

Landscape Gardening

Don't forget the outside of your home – after all, that's all that most people will see of it. Well-designed & managed landscaping ensures that your home makes the right first impression, and offers you a verdant sanctuary that helps promote peace & relaxation.

In addition to providing architectural design plans & design consulting, we offer a full range of home remodeling construction services and support functions, including:

We have proudly been the home remodeling contractor of choice for home improvements in Surrey & London for over a decade!

Our Design & Construction Goals: Accomplish your needs, achieve a style that reflects your individual taste, and deliver incredible value at a modest cost.